Hotels in Cologne for Visiting Carnival Parades


Cologne, a city in western Germany, is known for its iconic cathedral and vibrant carnival celebrations. Every year, millions of visitors flock to Cologne to experience the lively atmosphere of the carnival parades. If you're planning a trip to Cologne during this festive season, it's important to choose the right hotel for your stay. Here are some top hotels in Cologne that are perfect for experiencing the carnival parades:

1. Excelsior Hotel Ernst

Located near the cathedral, Excelsior Hotel Ernst offers luxury accommodations with stunning views of the city. The hotel's central location makes it convenient for exploring Cologne's carnival parades and other attractions.

2. Hyatt Regency Cologne

Situated on the banks of the Rhine River, Hyatt Regency Cologne provides modern rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city. The hotel's rooftop terrace offers panoramic views of the cathedral and is a great spot for watching the carnival parades.

3. Hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne MGallery

This boutique hotel is just a short walk from the cathedral and features stylish rooms with elegant decor. Hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne MGallery is a great choice for travelers looking for a luxurious stay in the heart of the carnival festivities.

In addition to these hotels, there are plenty of other options in Cologne that offer comfortable accommodations for visitors during the carnival season. Make sure to book your hotel in advance, as rooms tend to fill up quickly during this popular time of year.

Getting There

When traveling to Cologne for the carnival parades, consider flying into Cologne Bonn Airport, which is located just a short distance from the city center. Several airlines offer regular flights to Cologne, making it easy to reach this vibrant destination.

Overall, visiting Cologne for the carnival parades is a memorable experience that shouldn't be missed. With the right hotel and transportation arrangements, you can enjoy all that this lively city has to offer during one of its most festive times of the year.

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