Once upon a time Bol was a settlement of wine-growers, fishermen and sailmen, and today it is primarily a tourist settlement. This popular Brac town has a developed network of modern hotels and diverse accommodation in private houses, apartments, villas and camps.

In regard to catering-oriented activities, there are several night clubs, famous Auro and Varadero, Yolo and others, a surfboarding school , a sailing and diving school, a large tennis centre, various sports courts, fitness and wellness center and many other facilities. Bol is the favorite destination for excursion boats and yachtsmen, and has a special berth in port for yachts.

As an attractive tourist destination, Bol promotes its recognizable cultural identity and peculiarities which delight the visitors.

When staying at Bol, you should definitely visit Vidova gora and also visit and experience the entire island which during summer creates atmosphere of life's enjoyment and indulgence.

Small Murvica, with vineyards and beautiful beaches is a true idyll of Bol. It is known for its desert monuments' remains, especially for Zmajeva spilja (Dragon's cave), a miniature church within the cave with caved reliefs and religious characters. Blaca, under the steep cliff within Brac' roadless region is impressive for its monumental and harmonious structure in which recluses placed stylish furniture, piano, valuable paintings, library, collection of antique weapons and antique clocks, a telescope. The monastery has existed continuously for four centuries, and today it is a unique cultural monument of human effort and human endurance which as an ethnologic exhibit is motivational for modern life. Gornji Humac and Pra┼żnica are settlements situated in the upper part of the island. They are popular visiting sites for their specific atmosphere, island specialties and other interesting points.

  • 4.000 beds in hotels
  • 4.000 beds in private accommodation
  • 500.000+ nights in 2014.